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Everyday Work Wear

I have to admit that dressing for work can be tricky. In fact, I  usually have a few days each month where I say in frustration, "I just don't want to wear clothes today!" I know...that wouldn't be appropriate. Anyways, I will admit that it's hard to find the perfect combination of professionalism, comfort, and style, but I am always on the hunt to find the perfect melody of these three things in one outfit. 

Today's post is all about finding stylish pieces that you feel comfortable and confident in when standing around that break room water-cooler. Follow these tips from your everyday girl, and you'll be sure to feel as good as you look (even if the only person you talk to that day is your cube mate.) 

  1. First, you need to figure out what YOU love to wear. You'll never feel comfortable if you're a pants girl living in dresses. I actually prefer skirts or dresses to pants most days, because I find them to be more flattering on my body type and often times more comfortable. But if you feel best in pants, then wear the pants, my friend. Dress them up with a blousy top and heals or wear a pointy toed flat if you don't do heals (any fellow tall girls out there feel me?) The key is, wear what makes you happy, and get creative to make it work appropriate.
  2. If you have a brand you know you love, make it your go-to for all things work wear. You know those people who buy the same shirt in 3 colors, because they love it so much? I totally support that, because you can take the same piece and style it so many different ways. I love the brand Crown and Ivy from Belk, and I know that if I buy pieces for my work wardrobe from them, I will wear them on a regular basis and feel confident in my clothes. I know that skirts from Loft look best on my body type, so I frequently purchase skirts from their line. Find what works for you, and stick with it.
  3.  Finally, ditch the clothes in your wardrobe that are cluttering your space and making it more difficult to build work outfits you love. If you're anything like me, you might be a bit of a clothes hoarder. I always tell myself I'll wear that shirt I haven't worn in a year...eventually. But we have to be honest with ourselves, and face it, I have no intention to actually wear that shirt. When we have items in our closet that we don't like or wear, it actually makes it more difficult to find pieces you have and love. Keeping a clean, clutter free closet will make it so much easier to create a look and go when you're running late and need to be at the office in 5. 


So there you have it - my 3 simple tips to help you build a work wardrobe you actually want to wear! I love to buy my work clothes from Loft and Crown and Ivy. Let me know - what is your saving grace on those work mornings when you just don't want to wear clothes?