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Date Night Ideas You Need To Try

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I love a good date night. It doesn't have to be anything fancy... in fact, I almost prefer they be simple. My dream date is usually a trip to Olive Garden and a movie... judge me if you wish. Sometimes you need to just spice up your regular date night routine, and that can be tricky if you're running slim on ideas. I'm going to make your life a lot easier, and share 3 date night ideas you should try! 
  1. A few months ago, I stumbled across a company called Date Night In. They are a monthly subscription service that sends out a box with some essentials for the perfect date night in! If you ask me, this is genius for so many reasons. If you have kids, and finding a sitter is hard, what better way to make a date night a little more special without leaving the house? They include ideas, treats, activities in the box making it perfect for parents, newlyweds, or anyone for that matter! You can purchase a box here.
  2. Take a cooking class together! Kyle and I have it on our list to do this soon. You can simply search for cooking classes in your area to find a company that offers them! This is a great date night, because it allows you to spend time together, learn a new skill, and create a finished product that you both worked on together! 
  3. Change date night to date day! I know this goes against the whole date {night} idea, but a day date can be such a fun adventure, and the possibilities are endless! Visit a local aquarium together, go on a hike, go out for brunch, etc. Who said dates have to be at night time anyways?! Change it up, and spend the morning or whole day together and go on a new adventure! 
I really hope you try at least one of these out along with me, and enjoy an exciting twist on a date night with your love! 

My Thoughts on the Ipsy Glam Bag

Have you ever subscribed to a beauty box before? About 5 years ago, I was introduced to the beauty box concept, and ever since then, I've been a huge fan! After trying several different subscription services, I thought I would share a few thoughts on one of my favorites! 

I currently am subscribed to Ipsy as well as the Play! by Sephora box. I've been considering cancelling one of them (I have way too much makeup!), but I honestly can't decide which one I like better. If you've been considering the Ipsy Glam Bag, I want to share my thoughts to help you decide whether or not you should join. 

The Ipsy subscription costs $10/month, and I can say without a doubt that every single Ipsy bag I have received in the past 2.5 years has been worth AT LEAST $10. They frequently send full-sized products in their monthly bags, which is really great! You get a small makeup bag each month in addition to about 4 samples! One thing to keep in mind though is that Ipsy might have a waiting list to subscribe. When I signed up a few years ago, I was put on a waiting list, and it took a few months for me to be able to subscribe. 

If  you enjoy trying brands that aren't super common, then I think Ipsy is a good choice. I plan to do a review on the Sephora box as well, but a big difference between the two would be that Sephora fills their boxes with brands most are probably familiar with if you shop at Sephora (think Tarte, Fresh, etc.) 

Ipsy provides a good mix of makeup and skincare. I have also received several makeup brushes that I LOVE from Ipsy. If you love experimenting with new products and brands that you might not have heard of before, I would say the Ipsy Glam Bag is a great choice for only $10! 

If you want to try your first Ipsy bag for free, I have a few free bags I can give away (not sponsored, just love the brand!) If you leave me a comment or shoot me an email (please include name and email) if you want to try!