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Menu Monday

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Happy Monday, friends! Today I'm linking up with my friend Jessica over at The Road Jess Traveled. Jessica and I have been friends for years, and I don't think I know a more genuinely kind and caring person. She lives in New York City, and she blogs about a variety of things from city living to travel to her favorite nail polish. I know you will enjoy her posts!  Each Monday, Jess shares the recipes she's making for the week in her blog series called "Menu Monday." I love to read these weekly posts of hers. I almost feel like a fraud posting this because I know good and well that I probably won't stick to my schedule, and if you saw my post on Instagram yesterday, you know that I'm no stranger to kitchen fails. So while I'm not a menu-planning genius or fabulous cook by any means, I thought it would be fun to join her today by creating a Menu Monday post as well!

Sunday - Crockpot Chili - I usually use my mom's recipe because her chili is so delicious! My family eats chili over macaroni noodles, and I've converted Kyle to a chili mac lover as well. Try it next time you have chili!

Monday - Leftover/whatever you can find night - We both go to separate discipleship groups on Monday evenings, and we typically don't have time for me to cook a full meal. We will most likely eat leftovers, breakfast, or grab a pizza.

Tuesday - Instant Pot Sweedish Meatballs - I have been wanting to use my Instant Pot more often. My husband got this for me last Christmas, and I haven't really taken the time to get used to using it, but I'm wanting to be more intentional about testing it out!

Wednesday - OTE

Thursday - Poppyseed chicken with rice and broccoli - This recipe looks delicious! I think my mom used to make something similar, and I look forward to trying out this recipe this week.

Friday - Tacos with homemade guac - Tacos have been a favorite meal of ours since we got married. They're so easy and so tasty! I don't do anything fancy. For the guac, I usually just mash up avocados and add salsa, salt, garlic, lime, etc. until it tastes just right!

Saturday - Zuppa Toscana - Yum! Need I say more?

Meal planning isn't easy, and I am so thankful for people like Jess who make it easier by sharing their meal plan for the week! Be sure to check out her Menu Monday post today and follow her over on Instagram!

What are you making this week?

High Five for Friday #1

Christa Rene Photography

Happy Friday and happy fall! Fridays are my favorite because it means it's the weekend, and we get a little break from our routine work days. I'm starting this new Friday series where I will be sharing 5 things I either love, want to try, or have recently discovered and want to share! So let's high five for Friday, shall we?

1. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is life. It's incredibly hydrating, smells delicious, and lasts for so long! If you're on the market for a good lip balm, try this. I use it in the morning, before bed, or just when my lips feel like they need a big gulp of water!

2. My sister-in-law shared this soup recipe with me this week, and I look forward to making it this fall and winter! Doesn't it look so delicious?

3. I've been trying out this Maskcara highlight for the past few days as a way to smooth out my skin.  A makeup artist I follow on Instagram, Julia, uses these products, and I really love the idea of simplifying my beauty products and routine. If you're unfamiliar with Maskcara products, the majority are cream based, and you purchase tins that fit into a pallet. The point is that you apply different creams in different shades to give your face dimension. If you want to know more, I hope to do a review in the near future, but for now, go follow sweet Julia for her amazing tutorials!

4. I am still loving my Carrie Elle planner! Carrie posts her planner on Insta stories sometimes, and I am so inspired to be as creative as she is with my planning! You can find my full review of the perpetual planner here if you are interested. If you're in the market for a planner for the new year, I highly recommend purchasing from Carrie Elle!

5. I'm not one to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I did just order this pencil tree last night for our den. We don't have a ton of extra space, so I thought this would be perfect! For only $50, it looks like a really nice tree and has pretty good reviews!

Monogram Tee

I love fall! I love to see the trees change to all shades of burgundy and yellow. I could eat a freshly picked apple every day, and the more pumpkin flavored things I eat, the better. Of course, with fall comes cooler temps as well, and that's one thing I'll never be mad about. I love crisp, cool air, and dressing for cool weather is my absolute favorite! 

I mentioned before in this post that I'm not much of a t-shirt wearer. But if I am wearing a t-shirt, there's a good chance it's long sleeve and monogrammed. I am loving this Springer Made monogrammed t-shirt for fall. I like to throw it on with my Beija Flor denim, Patagonia vest, and a cute pair of flats for a super casual look. 

I know I'll be picking up one of these long sleeve tees for my niece for Christmas gifts because it doesn't matter what age you are - these tees make a perfect gift for anyone!

 Are you a casual style kind of girl? How would you style a t-shirt like this? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Use the code EMILYG on the Springer Made website to snag your shirt at 15% off!