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Candlefish Experience Review

southern style blogger lifestyle candlefish review
I really love giving gifts, but I especially enjoy the idea of gifting experiences. I really try to be thoughtful with my giving, and creating memories with the person you are gifting is invaluable. When Mother's Day rolled around this year, I decided to look into gifting my mom a candle making class. She really loves candles, and she enjoys spending time with me, so I decided it was the perfect gift! I Googled candle making classes in Charleston, SC, and found a company called Candlefish

southern style blogger lifestyle candlefish review

Candlefish has a variety workshops in both Atlanta and Charleston. The company has a really cool history and a great mission. At the beginning of our candle workshop, we learned that they employ people in their factories that are looking for a second chance. They provide them with the work opportunity, and the employees have something they can physically hold (the candle) that shows them what they've accomplished. 

southern style blogger lifestyle candlefish review southern style blogger lifestyle candlefish review

Our experience at Candlesfish was great. We learned so much about the company, their different products, and everything that goes in to creating a quality and delicious smelling candle. Our Chandler walked us through the entire process and taught us about selecting scents, the different notes in the candle scent, and some very helpful tips on candle care. 

The class costs around $50, and that includes two 9oz candles. Definitely keep in mind that they may only allow you to select one scent, meaning you will go home with two candles that smell the same, unless someone else in the workshop is willing to trade you.  

southern style blogger lifestyle candlefish review
Our class had 7 people in it total. We all gathered around a large table where our chandler had all of the necessary tools set out for us. Once we got our scent education, we were able to walk around the candle "library" and smell different candles. They encourage you not to read what scents are in the candle so that it does not deter you from smelling it if it has a note that you typically don't prefer. You might be surprised that you like that scent when combined with something else. The scents are numbered, and once you choose, your chandler gets the bottle for you. After that, we began the candle making and were provided with the opportunity to look around their really unique shop. Something else to keep in mind is that your candles have to sit overnight. You do have to go back to the store the next day to pick it up. They also have the option of shipping it to you if you will be leaving the area.

southern style blogger lifestyle candlefish review
Overall, we were really pleased with our experience. If you live in or are visiting the Atlanta or Charleston area and are looking for a great gift idea or something to do, I would highly recommend checking them out. 



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