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Menu Monday | Nov 18-23

Happy Monday, friends! A new week means a new menu plan, and I'm ready to take on the week. I've planned several super easy meals to make my life easier. I'm a firm believer that while a home-cooked meal has its place, so does a pre-made meal every now and then. I'm aiming to cook 4 meals at home this week. If you find meal planning overwhelming, I suggest aiming to make just a few meals per week and go from there! Here's what I'll be making this week:

Monday - Chicken parmesan, caesar salad, bread - Picked the chicken parm up at Sam's Club in the pre-made meal section, and I'm excited to give it a try.
Tuesday - Air fryer marinated chicken over sesame chopped salad mix - This should be easy peasy. I usually marinate my chicken in some type of dressing. I'll throw it in the air fryer and chop it up over a salad mix from Publix!
Wednesday - Air fryer chicken fajitas (Can you tell I love my air fryer? It gives it a grilled taste without having to do any grilling!)
Thursday - Grilled cheese & tomato soup
Friday - Eat out; We have plans that evening, so I won't plan to make anything.
Saturday - Eat out - Sometimes I cook on the weekends, sometimes I don't. We'll just have to see!

What are you cooking this week? Do you have go-to easy meal ideas? I'd love if you'd share in the comments!

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