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We bought a house!

everyday emily blog home DIY brick ranch

Okay this is kind of old news, but I hadn't really posted it on here, and we are in the thick of giving our first home a face lift. After searching for a week or so, we put an offer on a brick ranch built in 1970 that was in great condition, but it definitely needed some cosmetic work. We moved in at the beginning of December 2017, and we've taken our sweet time in making some of the changes over the past few months.

Neither of us are handy or particularly enjoy painting, but we've attempted to do our best through the process. I love a good deal, so I've had a lot of fun finding decor  on a budget. It's really brought out the thrifter in me, and I am perfectly okay with that. We also both find value in saving up for quality furniture that will last a while over buying something cheap that we will need to replace in a few years, so I suppose we have a good balance. Let's also just add that we're no Chip and Jo Jo, but we want our house to be cozy and comfortable, and a place that really feels like home!

These photos are from the Zillow listing on our house, so they do contain the previous owner's furniture and decor. How I was able to look past all of that floral wallpaper and dingy cream paint, I'm not really sure. BUT I am so glad we did!

Feast your eyes on all of this 70's wallpaper goodness as I give you a little tour through our home! We've already made so many changes, so it's fun to take a look back and see the progress we've made! We have no intentions to tear down any walls, or do any big projects such as replacing countertops or redoing bathrooms anytime in the near future, so I've loved the challenge of making them look their best without really spending a significant amount of money.

everyday emily blog home DIY brick ranch
I love a good brick ranch! I hope to paint the shutters to give it a bit more curb appeal, and do some new landscaping around the house. We have to focus on the inside first, but maybe someday! 

I loved the small porch on the front. I remember Kyle saying something to me about how I could decorate it the very first time we looked at the house, and I can't wait to do just that! 

Ahhh.... YIKES! We hope to potentially turn this into a living room/office. It's an upcoming project that we hope to tackle this summer! 

This is a current project of ours... That peach color? It's wallpaper that ain't goin' anywhere. I loved the wainscoting and I am excited to see the update of this room. I'm still debating reusing that vintage brass chandelier... What do you think?

You like the dingy cream paint? It was pretty much used on the entire house... We've already made a lot of updates to our kitchen and breakfast nook, and I will share the completed look once we finish!

This room sold us on the house. It's recessed, has wood beams, a huge brick fireplace, and it is the ultimate cozy den - perfect for movie night.

This is the master bedroom. If you can't tell, the walls, window trim, and baseboard were all the same color. We actually also had hardwoods underneath the carpet in all the bedrooms, so we tore up the carpet, and hope to one day stain the floors to match the rest of the house.

This is our guest room! It's a nice size to work with.

This is an extra room that we are currently using as an office! 

This bathroom is really big, but man, oh man. That wallpaper... I know you want to know where it's from so you can put it up in your house... but I don't want to share that secret - it's for your sake really. ;) 

This bathroom doesn't need a lot of stuff done to it, but some wallpaper removal, paint, and new blinds/lighting fixtures should do the trick.

This is our sunroom, and I love it! We need to replace some windows but it's such a nice addition on the house.

We have a nice big yard for our pup Ollie! 

I can't wait to add some charm to the patio. But first things first... 
I'd love for you to come back for more as I post updates on our projects and DIYs that we've finished so far!

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