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Hello, 2019!

Happy New Year! We rang in the new year at home in our PJs! While I love to be out and about, I do enjoy a slow evening every now and then. We just got back from visiting my family in St. Louis on Sunday, so I spent NYE ridding my house of all signs of Christmas and catching up on loads and loads of laundry. My husband also took me to Lowe's to get a new chandelier for our breakfast nook and we grabbed dinner at Moe's before turning in for the night.  Maybe your NYE looked a lot like mine or maybe you had a night out celebrating with friends and family - either way, I hope your 2019 is off to a great start!

When I look back at 2018 in regards to my blog, I am pleased with what I was able to accomplish. This past year I was able to work with brands for the first time, I posted every single month, and I learned that my blog is something that I have to work on solely because I enjoy it, not for validation from others or what I can get from it - a struggle of mine! I of course still have so much to learn and I hope to continue growth in 2019!

Of course with a new year comes the expectation to set a list of resolutions. This year, I'm simply setting some simple and attainable goals that I hope to keep in mind as I go from month to month in 2019. I find that writing out my list of goals is the best way for me to see what I am working towards and measure progress as I go. What are you working towards in 2019? 

Emily's 2019 Goals

  • Read (or listen to) 12 Books - This might seem like a small number to you, but it'd be 12 more than I read in 2018! Really, I need to be better about this, and one book per month seems perfectly attainable with a bit of self-discipline. 
  • Blog 2 times per week - This one is self-explanatory, but will take a good bit of planning on my part! 
  • This is definitely a more personal goal, but I would love to lose 10 pounds by establishing a more healthy and active lifestyle! 
  • I want to stop mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. - I don't know about you, but I find myself scrolling through Facebook (social media in general) way too much. I find that it really affects how I view people and myself when I use social media to determine how I think my life should be. I'm 100% in control of that, and I want to establish some self-discipline to cut out so much social scrolling!
There you have it - those are my goals for 2019! Will you tell me what you want to see more of on this blog in the new year? I am SO thankful for your taking the time to follow along and read what I'm sharing, and I can't wait to post more in 2019! 

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