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New Chapter

Today was my first day at my brand new marketing job, and I am filled with emotions!

I share a little bit about this over on my "About Me" page, but I graduated from college back in 2016, and prior to graduation, I was offered a job in finance. I quickly confirmed that finance wasn't the path I wanted to pursue long-term, and my desire to pursue a career in marketing was still strong. Since finance wasn't really my cup of tea, I found myself looking for a creative outlet as well as the need to gain experience in marketing. I started this blog to fill those desires, and I can truly say it's done both of those things!

I eventually got a job as an event coordinator at the university that I graduated from, and I was thrilled to have such a great opportunity. I learned so much, met so many great people, and got to grow and develop doing things that I enjoyed. I think there comes a point where change is necessary though, so I was excited about moving on to new things. I was offered a position at a local advertising agency in media, and I am thrilled to be starting at an exciting company, and I look forward to learning new things!

I'd be lying though if I didn't admit that this change in jobs scares me big time for a variety of reasons.  I liked the comfort of knowing exactly how to do my previous job. I tend to be an introvert before I know someone well, so meeting new people can be intimidating for me. I have control freak tendencies, so not knowing exactly what my schedule is or what I should be doing makes me uncomfortable. But I know that it's things like these that will grow me. It was an opportunity for me to practice confidence, and as I type this, I'm reminded that it's moments like these that I need to rely on the Lord and not look to myself for peace or certainty.

Despite the fear of change and uncertainty, I am SO excited about this new chapter of my life, and I can't wait to see where it takes me!

Does change scare you? I hope today's post reminds you that you're not alone and points you to the One who can bring you peace! 

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