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Blue Light Readers

Chances are you spend a lot of time looking at either a computer screen or your phone each day. I recently purchased a pair of blue light glasses to help protect my eyes from all the screen time I get each day, and I'm so glad I did. Blue light glasses help keep your eyes relaxed when looking at the screen. There are hundreds of different types of blue light glasses out there, but I wanted to share my all-time favorite pair today. They're currently on sale for about $20!

This post is not sponsored, and I bought these blue light readers with my own money. They were 100% worth every penny! The reason I love this specific pair is that the lenses are not heavily tinted yellow like the other blue light glasses that I tried. I also love that they're super cute, and don't look bulky or weird if I wear them to a meeting at work. I highly recommend getting a pair!


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