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I recently noticed how much I am prone to go through phases. I'm the type of person who loves something one day but can be on to something else the next. I fall for fads and trends all too easily.  Lately, I've been into all sorts of things, so I thought today I'd share a little bit about what I've been up to.

March was a pretty busy month for me. I didn't have a lot of free weekends, but it was also a really good month. We celebrated our third anniversary, I took a trip to Charleston to visit my parents which was great, and I spent time with my family here in GVL. My sister and I went to a Lauren Daigle concert & a Kelly Clarkson concert (hello, free tickets!), so that was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to spend some time with her!

Have you ever heard of the blog/YouTube channel called Farmhouse on Boone? If you haven't, I highly recommend checking it out. Lisa writes all about her natural and simple living and baking from scratch. I've already learned so many cool things from following along with her blog posts and YouTube. She's well-known for her sourdough baking, so a few weeks ago, I decided to try to start a sourdough starter! Lisa has several different recipes that use sourdough starter, and I found the process pretty fascinating. I'm currently letting some sourdough rise, so we'll see how take 2 of my whole wheat sourdough bread turns out (the first was a flop, and apparently sourdough baking can be a bit tricky). Update: It worked the second time! 

I haven't mentioned it much on this blog, but I've also been really into thrifting! Probably since a few months before we bought our home, I've been visiting the thrift store on an all too regular basis (really, the stock guy knows me by name). I've found some really great finds, and I've loved decorating my house and updating my wardrobe on a budget. I plan to share a post soon on all of my recent thrift finds.

We are heading to Kiawah Island this weekend for a mini vacay with Kyle's family, and I can't wait! I absolutely LOVE Kiawah, and I know it will be so much fun.

I hope you're having the best Monday, and I will talk to you again soon!

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